REVIEW: RIVERDANCE (New Wimbledon Theatre)

thumbnail_Riverdance imageIt’s been 21 years since Riverdance first wowed audiences at Eurovision with its mystical qualities and none of that magic has been lost. It’s a show like no other, with live music, singing and dancing that captures the imagination.

Composed by Bill Whelan, produced by Moya Doherty and directed by John McColgan, Riverdance gives you a poignant Celtic song, followed immediately by passionate dancing that somehow works, weaving its spell and telling a story that makes no sense, yet which the audience understand.

None of the classic elements of Riverdance have been lost in this anniversary production, including the haunting Cloud Song and the percussive battle of drums versus feet, not to mention the famous line-up (although sadly the stage at The Wimbledon isn’t big enough for a true Riverdance line).

The perfectly synchronised dancers move their feet and legs in ways you can’t imagine are possible, while the tap dancing tapping is as loud as ever and the costumes are simply delightful. Riverdance is just as incredible now as it was 21 years ago. It gives you the feel-good factor, leaving you feeling elated, exhausted and wishing you were Irish.

Reviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes