REVIEW: RUN (New Diorama Theatre)

Run New Diorama

Anyone who has ever worked in an office will appreciate the concept of a show abut four interns, working alongside each other in the big bad city of London. From those who just want to impress their peers, to those who want to do a good job to get a foot on the career ladder and will do anything they are asked to get there. Then there are the other office workers who have little time to dedicate to the youngsters and tell them to just “sit there and wait to be given something to staple”.

RUN is a story inspired by the true life events of Moritz Erhardt, a 21 year old city intern who was found dead in his London flat after reportedly working 72 hours straight to keep up with his demanding job. It shows the drastic measures that young people will go to to impress others and get their dream job.

The New Diorama Theatre is a nice, intimate space, located by Great Portland Street Station. RUN is staged in the round with the four characters entering and exiting through door ways, bringing in and out props, moving chairs and walking around in circles (to perhaps give the impression of time being passed). The show is made up of short scene snippets, followed by black outs to create the scene change. This got a little tedious after twenty minutes or so and it felt as though all the ideas for the show had been brainstormed but not necessarily pieced together to create a flowing story. The direction lacked much real interest. Moving chairs around and walking around in circles was about all there was to it and the running scene at the end of the show went on for far too long and felt like it was added in just to add an extra five minutes on to the running time (pardon the pun).

The cast of four, mostly recent graduates, all did a great job and were equally likeable in their own ways. Gabrielle Margulies as Ana was a fierce, sassy lady whom you certainly wouldn’t want to argue with in the boardroom or she would bring you down with just one glare. Charlotte Watson as Caroline and Joseph Sentance as Tim were strong performers and really embodied the feeling of interns. Al Jarrett as Lawrence was intentionally annoying as a character but gave just enough balance that you couldn’t help but like him.

Overall RUN was a good play with some interesting themes and funny moments. With a bit more time spent on making the show flow as a story and some more interesting direction choices, this could be a brilliant piece.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

RUN plays at the New Diorama Theatre until 9 April