Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens is a cult musical, often compared to the Rocky Horror Show due to its sci-fi story and off-the-wall antics. Originally written for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the show has enjoyed more than twenty years of success around the world. I donned my glitter boots and hoofed it down to the Kings Head to check out the latest production of this whacky show.

Saucy Jack’s cabaret club on Planet Frottage is under attack and the performers are being killed off one by one. If only the world famous Space Vixens would hear their cries for help and come and help to save the day and catch the killer. Oh wait a second…. here they come! Leading the Space Vixens is Jubilee Climax (played by the incredible Jamie Birkett who gives the best vocals in the show and a killer stare that could kills small animals), with her trusty side kicks Anna Labia and Bunny Lingus (Zoe Nicholls and Lorna Hall) in toe. The show is two hours of eighties synth pop, sci-fi gun blasts and catchy songs. Caspar Cordwell James gave a great performance as Booby Shevalle, the cabaret cocktail waitress and Tom Whalley was sufficiently off-the-wall as the mad doctor Wilhelm von Whackoff.

Some great live music came from Ashton Charge as Sammy Sax and it’s a shame that this was the only live music in the show. I struggle with shows that perform to backing tracks. There is something magical that is lost within the art of performance when a live band isn’t present and a rocking fun show like this could really benefit from a band of aliens or crazy space vixens doing a Robert Palmer esq display.

Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens is perfect friday night fun, after a few drinks and the audience at the Kings Head Theatre were lapping it up at the performance I attended, singing along to every word and looking on at the performers with sheer amazement. It’s got a big cult following will always do well when it is performed in London. The staging of this production was cleverly done to make the audience feel as though they were part of the action.

Pinter it isn’t but would I go and see it again? For sure!

Reviewed by West End Wilma
Photo: Kenny Mathieson

Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens is playing at the Kings Head Theatre until 21 May 2016