SAVING BRITNEY (Old Red Lion Theatre)

What better way is there to kickstart going back to the theatre than with 70 minutes of listening to Britney Spears?

Written by David Shopland with Shereen Roushbaiani, Saving Britney is inspired by the #FreeBritney movement and the powerful New York Times documentary. It looks at celebrity obsession, sexuality and growing up in the early noughties.

Jean from Gloucestershire is a Britney Spears super fan. She keeps a list of all the similarities between her and the superstar, starting with her name which is also Britney’s middle name. She takes us through the singers life to date, telling us her own story of what was happening in her life in paralell and how the music of Britney’s songs helped guide her through. But before she can save Britney, can she save herself?

The Old Red Lion Theatre (above the Old Red Lion Pub) is a lovely little venue, just around the corner from Angel tube station in London. The intimate room feels even smaller right now due to social distancing but is a nice little space. The set design was well thought out, with a wall of Britney posters, photographs and memorabilia and two clothes rails with some of her classic costumes from over the years.

Shereen Roushbaiani gives a captivating performance in this one person show, switching easily between stories and accents.

Fans of Britney Spears won’t want to miss out on this show as it is an informative account of the singers life, mixed in with some of her most famous songs played aloud. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time!


Reviewed by West End Wilma