REVIEW: SIMON DAVID: VIRGIN (Hen and Chickens) ★★★★★

VirginStill1It’s not everyday you see a man who has the balls (pun intended) to perform just in a leotard at a pub in Islington on a Thursday night. Simon David then enters on stage.

As he calls himself, ‘an unpopped cherry,’ Simon is determined to be the next big pop music sensation. Except there’s one slight problem. He hasn’t had the full…you know…‘it’. In a world where culture and music can be fascinated and almost obsessed by sex, Simon’s refreshingly light-hearted take on virginity and his liberation behind it provides a seriously entertaining hour.

He takes his audience on his journey into trial and error mishaps when it comes to love. Through this, he performs a brilliant range of songs, from the incredibly entertaining ‘Personality’ featuring a sax solo, to the more touching ‘This One’s For Me’ featuring him on clarinet. Not only is he a great musician, but behind the chaos on stage there are some genuinely sincere moments in his lyrics which can sometimes be an anonymity when it comes to comedy acts on the fringe cabaret circuit.

Simon’s natural comic timing is what brings the show to life. His audience participation is never intimidating to people who might be afraid of joining in the fun, and is still able to poke fun out of the some, I’ll say, ‘disorderly’ members of the crowd. His charismatic performance is also supported well by his stellar band, who also get involved in the script and become actors at times which is a very nice touch. It’s a shame that they can’t do the splits like Simon, however.

This is, for sure, a performer to watch on the cabaret circuit. He might be performing in the odd pub in North London for now, but go see him while you can in an intimate venue before he makes the big time.

Reviewed by Jack Grey