REVIEW: Six the musical (Sweet Venues) ★★★★

Six Musical Edinburgh

Six is the story of the return of Henry the 8th’s six wives… who have formed a girl group and are fighting to be the lead singer. The winner? Whoever can prove they suffered the most.

Firstly it was the best band I heard in Edinburgh. They are slick and the music is great. The harmonies are powerful and wonderfully executed by the six girls as the show goes through many styles of music – which is at times jarring – and it sounds fantastic.

One criticism I have however, is the book. The show is at it’s strongest during the songs but the dialogue seems to be there to serve the songs and not the story. Although at times comical, I hope it is edited to serve a stronger purpose if the show ever extends to a two act piece. Jamie Armitages’ direction makes the most of it and it wasn’t badly written but perhaps just not given enough importance.

Holly Musgrave’ ‘Heart of Stone’ is the stand out moment of the show. Musgrave’s gorgeous portrayal of Jane Seymour alongside a powerful voice and accompanied by the previously mentioned band was stunning and the song is brilliantly written.

As a show, I feel it has a real future, with a few more edits and perhaps a look at the structure of the show.

Reviewed by Sarah Daniels