REVIEW: SLAVA’s SNOW SHOW (Royal Festival Hall)

slavassnowshow_2089330bThis wasn’t my first trip to see Slava’s Snow Show (which has played the last five Christmas seasons in London) but I can’t say I have any more idea what it was all about the second time around either! It’s weird, whacky and endearing with clowns wandering around the stage for an hour and a half. They squeak and squark at each other, not speaking in any real language which gives charm and a universal appeal.

We enter the dream like world that has been created in the Royal Festival Hall on London’s South Bank with music and performance art supplied by the rotating ensemble cast that tour the world with this show. Originally created by Russian artist Slava Polunin (who still performs at certain shows) the show incorporates clowning, performance art, music and some very Christmassy effects that will satisfy younger members of the audience.

Slava’s Snow Show premiered in the UK in 1994 and has since toured the country, delighting audiences of all ages and winning an Olivier Award for Best Entertainment during its run at the Old Vic in 1998. The show’s popularity overseas has seen it performed in 120 cities in 30 countries to more than 3 million spectators in over 4000 performances.

Slava’s Snow Show will capture the minds of young ones this Christmas, with snow covering the audience and a giant snowball finale that will leave you in your seat mesmerised. Definitely worth seeing once but not a great deal to go back to see a second time around. However you can’t fault its magic and christmas feel which is perfect for this time of year.

Reviewed by West End Wilma
Photo: A Lopez

Slava’s Snow Show is playing at the Royal Festival Hall until 3 January 2016