REVIEW: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Wycombe Swan) ★★★★

Wycombe Swan returns to Pantomime form with this excellent version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The show has plenty of Strictly Come Dancing twists and twirls from Brendan Cole and the ensemble. As in any good Pantomime, there is something for everyone in this delightful production especially when Cole is dancing with the Ensemble girls in some entertaining Choreography by Alan Burkitt.

The familiar story, loved so much from the Disney 1937 cartoon, sometimes suffers from the absence of the well known songs and dwarfs names from that film but here the producers feature the dwarfs heavily and lean as close as possible to the cartoon without breaching copyright! Of course I would rather see real dwarf actors on stage but the seven kneeling actors do a very good job in their roles and can sing and dance (to a limited degree) .

The real delight in this production is ventriloquist Kieran Powell (as Muddies) and his dummy (a blue dinosaur) who delivers a duet with himself of “Wonderful world”. He has a lovely personality and a good sense of the gentle comedy that works for a family audience.

Jason Sutton is Nurse Nancy and joins Brendan Cole and Muddles in one of the show highlights, which is an excellent routine based around clips of music to teach them how to dance including the obligatory (for 2018) Baby Shark and Flossing!

While the Palladium has the outrageous Julian Clary as the man in the mirror, Wycombe has magician Mandy Muden as the spirit of the mirror. Each entrance is made, flown in with streams of smoke and she delivers her lines with the same disdain as Clary. She also does a rather ropey escapology trick, an amusing three giant cups trick and then twists Natalie Spriggs who plays Queen Lucretia in knots!

This is a great traditional family pantomime that tells the story properly, has Muddles for the Kids, Brendan Cole for the Mum’s and the Ensemble dancers for the Dad’s, without the excess of the London Palladium version of this title as a fraction of the price. Great Value and fun.

Reviewed by Nick Humby


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