queenI love Sooz Kempner. Her hilarious musings on Facebook brighten up my daily life and I can see us sitting in a pub together, laughing at all the bizarre things about life. Sooz the comedian returns to the Edinburgh Fringe this year with her five star sketch show A Bit Of A Character and also testing the water with her brand new show Queen.

Queen is a comedic look at Sooz’s life so far. The men she has turned gay, her estranged father, her beloved mother Anna and of course the band that have been the soundtrack to the last 31 years of her life. Queen.

With just Sooz and a keyboard up on stage, she shares with the audiences a mix of Queen classics and her own original comedy songs, along with stories of her more successful comedian brother (Luke Kempner), her best friend and cat Freddy Mercury and that time as a child she wrote to Jim’ll Fix It and never heard back (giving the recent realisation that even Jimmy Saville doesn’t find her attractive).

Sooz has an engaging stage presence and keeps the audience captivated with her funny stories and musings on life. There weren’t as many Queen songs as I was expecting and did wonder if any audience members had perhaps gone along expecting to hear a few more of the classics. Her original comedy songs are witty and clever but do sometimes sound like a work in progress and perhaps not quite at their full potential just yet.

Sooz Kempner’s is certainly the Queen of comedy. Her self-depreciating humour may not be for everyone but it certainly is for me. Always a joy to watch up on stage, her latest show Queen at the Underbelly is well worth a watch and I look forward to seeing future incarnations of it.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

SOOZ KEMPNER – QUEEN plays at the Underbelly Med Quad until 29 August 2016