REVIEW: Super Sonic 90’s Kid (The Globe) ★★★★★

I managed to catch Sooz Kempner’s show last year and she has a very specific brand of comedy, which uses projection (it’s very fashionable now, isn’t it?) and stories from her past, covering her personal development in a very relatable and funny way.

I loved last year, but this year’s show is without doubt – pun intended – a level up. Based around her love of video games (Dara O’Briain you need to get her on Go 8 Bit!!) and her adolescence growing up with Sonic the Hedgehog in particular, the game and the character almost become analogous to Sooz’s life story. It’s one which Sooz is so open about, without the slightest hint of cringe, that the audience easily empathise and laugh along with her lovely self deprecating anecdotes. It’s very warm and heart felt.

Now, I’m not a gamer, so I did have reservations – these were quickly quashed, so don’t be put off if you don’t do computer games either, you will still love it and Sooz is very good with her crash course to get everyone up to speed. Alongside Sooz’s expertly solid stand up comedy – including some beautifully timed swipes at the patriarchy – there was her very well executed film content of past Sooz and future Sooz, great audience interaction, crazy game references used very well as anchor points to her life lessons, and to top it off some of Sooz’s incredible vocal talent – it’s fair to say this show has it all.

Some might worry the range of media and content used throughout might dilute each other and the overall effect of the show, but in fact Sooz has created this brilliant all round upward climb of delight and joy, with her stunning singing being the cherry on the top.

It’s a tricky slot to fill for stand up at this time in the schedule at Edinburgh, but it’s definitely worth going to see and having your first pint of the day while you’re taken on this wonderful, nostalgic and hilarious journey.

Reviewed by Lou Lou Mason


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