REVIEW: STUPID CUPID (Underbelly Clover) ★★★★

In July, West End Wilma interviewed Liz McMullen about her Edinburgh show Stupid Cupid, and I took it upon myself to check the show out.

One woman shows are never in shortage at the fringe festival, in 2017, the converging theme was alcohol. This year the theme is anything goes, from the One-Woman Sex & The City to Su Pollard’s Harpy to the One-Woman Alien, the cost-effective is the #metoo rage in Edinburgh.

The one-person show can be a claustrophobic affair. One actor maintaining a running time of over 50 minutes can be daunting for both audience and performer, particularly if it’s the one-man naked rendition of Das Boot: The Musical.

Standing out ahead of the crowd is this charming, funny piece starring British-Canadian actress Liz McMullen. With a tagline of ‘if love is a drug, meet the dealer’ giving a taste of the razor sharp comedic take on love on show here.

On the verge of graduating from Cupid college, Cupid must first take the love test to earn her wings, but one bad arrow and her best-made plans are instantly awry, now destined to fall in love with the audience, Cupid must use the bows of ancestry to untangle her plight and win her wings.

It’s a nuanced performance, on a quirky journey through the erotic to exotic with bags of cheek and charm and with a wickedly written script from Miguel Eichelberger and Kerianne Cameron is a truly modern romp in the rituals of romance. In a tight space it is deftly directed by James Wren and McMullen’s timing is spot on.

In an early day spot and up against a myriad of kids shows, this is a real lunch time treat, a show that makes you hold a mirror to yourself and ask questions … and all the time while laughing. In these times that is no mean feat.

Reviewed by Ruby Blue

Interview: Liz McMullen talks about bringing a love drug dealer to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in STUPID CUPID


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