REVIEW: SUNSET BOULEVARD (Curve Leicester) ★★★★★

Sunset Boulevard is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s tragic story of the once brilliant Norma Desmond (Ria Jones), a faded star of the silent screen, and Joe Gillis (Danny Mac), a struggling young screenwriter trying desperately to make it in tinsel town.

Directed by Curve’s Artistic Director Nikolai Foster, this show is an epic triumph.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s magnificent score will leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end and is perfectly complimented throughout by stunning cinematic projections, a hugely impressive set design and incredible lighting.

Danny Mac (who frequently makes the audience audibly swoon) was outstanding and he is a very comfortable leading man who is totally deserving of the role. His stage presence is palpable and his velvety voice is a treat for the ears.

I am simply in awe of the show’s leading lady, Ria Jones, and I had to sweep my jaw up off the floor by the end of her breath taking performance. She had the audience in the palm of her hands and there were times during the show I wished real life had a ‘pause and rewind’ button so I could just watch her again and again and again.

The two stars were safe in the hands of an incredible supporting cast, including the phenomenal Adam Pearce (Max Von Meyerling) and Molly Lynch (Betty Schaefer).

The typically British ‘stiff upper lip’ approach to watching theatre was totally forgotten for this audience who couldn’t help but go crazy after every single number.

This is a larger than life, awe-inspiring production that is gloriously heart breaking and will leave “all you wonderful people out there in the dark” breathless and wanting to come back for more.

Reviewed by Rosie Bambury
Photo: Manuel Harlan