the comedy about a bank robberyGenius. That is The Comedy About a Bank Robbery in one word. It is slick, intelligent and unimaginably funny.

I worried that The Comedy About A Bank Robbery at the Criterion Theatre would be a copy cat sequel of The Play That Goes Wrong (also written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayers and Henry Sheilds), but while everything I’ve just written also applies to The Play That Goes Wrong, I can safely say there is nothing like it on the West End. The Play That Goes Wrong was completely original and so is this.

However, the reason I went to see it this week was to see the new cast. It is nerve racking enough replacing an original cast, let alone when said original cast are the writers.

And yet, it was practically flawless. The cast has full control over the show and looked unbelievably comfortable and confident on stage. The show was fast paced and energetic from start to finish, with commitment and comic timing oozing out of them all.

Although each actor was individually impressive and undeniably likeable the most noticable thing was how they worked together as a company. They are a well oiled machine, bouncing off each other and never letting the energy drop. They had the audience gasping for breath with laughter and yet never slowed their pace, hitting us with joke after joke with confidence.

While the show was filled with jokes, each actor was fully committed to telling us the story and I think this is why I never once lost focus. The gags propelled the storyline rather than halting it and that is down to genius writing using the equally genius set (David Farley) and brilliant direction of said writing from Mark Bell and Nancy Zammit (before she got on a plane to rehearse The Play That Goes Wrong on Broadway).

I haven’t named a single actor in this review and that is because I can’t pick a stand out performance. It is rare to see such a strong cast, and each and everyone of them are worthy of 5*s. If you see one play in 2017 (yes I’m aware it’s only March) see The Comedy About A Bank Robbery. It is in fantastic hands.

Reviewed by Kara Taylor Alberts (@karaalberts)
Photo: Tristram Kenton

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is currently booking at the Criterion Theatre until 29 October 2017. Book tickets