Following a run at the Cockpit Theatre in 2018, The Distance You Have Come – A Song Cycle By Scott Alan opened last night at the Apollo Theatre in London, for the first of two performances.

The story takes us through a year in the intertwined lives of six people facing the joy and heartache of the human experience, as they each search for their own version of happiness.

Reprising their roles from the 2018 production, Andy Coxon and Adrian Hansel make a great on stage couple as Brian and Samuel, bonding over their mutual longing to settle down and have kids and grow old with that special someone. Emma Hatton leaves me awe struck every time I see her perform and this time was no exception, as Maisie, who is going through a break up after an unhealthy relationship with alcoholic Joe (played by Dean John Wilson who gives an emotional performance with some powerful vocals).

New cast member Alice Fearn (Anna) gets an opportunity to show off her comedic acting as well as phenomenal vocals as a woman unable to commit to her relationship with Laura because she is still on her journey of self discovery and Maiya Quansah-Breed (also new to the role) proves once again that she is a tour de force who is nothing but sublime, as unlucky in love Laura.

Watch the video below of the original 2018 cast in rehearsals.

Musical Director Scott Hayes takes the songs of Scott Alan and beautifully arranges them for this show and on the whole it works well as a song cycle. There were a couple of moments where songs seemed to have been shoehorned in and didn’t really fit the story but were none the less thoroughly enjoyable and so I can appreciate why they were included.

The Distance You Have Come is short and snappy (under two hours including an interval) and is a great opportunity to see an incredible cast of West End performers, riffing their way through the show like it was a Mariah Carey concert (and that isn’t a criticism)!

Don’t miss your chance to see The Distance You Have Come on 28 June 2021 at the Apollo Theatre.


Reviewed by West End Wilma