games afoot

Les Enfants Terribles present their latest interactive show THE GAME’S AFOOT at Madame Tussauds following the success of Alice’s Adventures Underground and ahead of the upcoming DINNER AT THE TWITS which opens at the Vaults Festival next month.

Armed with a notepad and pencil, a suspect sheet, a map and a special clue card, the group of 15 or so detectives are set of on their mission to help Scotland Yard find the killer of George Blackwood. Could it be his wife Pearl, The Inn Keeper Leonard (who is madly in love with Pearl), Lord Alexander, the rich witch who lent George a substantial amount of money that wasn’t paid back, Captain Harry Blackwood or the spooky tarot card reader Magdalena Petrescus. With Sherlock Holmes away, this is Scotland Yards chance to prove they too can catch a killer and so the pressure is on.

We are given one hour to go from room to room, interview each of the suspects and look around for clues. We are free to wander around as we wish, talk to whom we choose and most importantly, form our own theories about who the killer may be. At the end of our time we must all congregate in the rooms with the suspects we think is guilty to find out the truth about what really happened.

This was my first interactive theatre experience of this type, where it is your sole responsibility to extract information from the actors by asking questions. I felt a little shy doing this at first (perhaps a few drinks beforehand could have loosened me up) but as my time was drawing to a close I found I had gathered enough information to make my Jessica Fletcher suspect decision. Was it right? Well that would be telling! You’ll have to go along and have a go for yourself!

A brilliant night out that will leave you with lots to talk about afterwards.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

THE GAME’S AFOOT – A SHERLOCK HOLMES WHODUNNIT? plays at Madame Tussaud’s until 30 September 2016. Save 43% on tickets here