REVIEW: The Grand Expedition (Gingerline) ★★★★★

The Grand Expedition is an immersive dining experience cooked up by ‘Gingerline’, who describe themselves as a ‘group of food and drink enthusiasts whose goal is to create the ultimate dining experience’.

As an eating enthusiast, I was very excited to see what they had dreamt up.

Having been texted at 4pm with the ‘top secret’ location, we met in the not very glamorous setting of an unlit car park in the wilds of northernmost London with some trepidation about what we had let ourselves in for. Little could we have foretold the journey full of wonder that we were about to embark upon.

I don’t want to give too much away about the details of the night or what you will experience if you decide to buy a ticket (which you most definitely should) but I can say that visitors to ‘The Grand Expedition’ will, as the title suggests, be taken on the most wonderful journey, inspired by pop-up books and bedtime stories. I definitely felt like a child again as I was taken along on the evening’s ride.

The official press release describes the expedition as “Part dance spectacle, part multimedia simulation, part supper club”, it’s billed as a “floating, feeding, falling dream”, featuring five interactive courses paired with eccentric performance and storytelling.” and the reality does not disappoint.

The use of multimedia projection and animation is both evocative and totally immersive, which is complemented by the large cast of actor/dancers who guide us on a journey of the four corners of the globe with cuisine to match. Staying in character throughout, they also facilitate audience participation aplenty: team games, group and paired dancing and all sorts!

The food is top notch and generously proportioned: diners will leave with a tummy full of delicious grub and a head full of dreams, as well as having had a fantastic, sociable time; by midway through the evening us famously taciturn Londoners were all chatting and laughing with the total strangers seated at our table.

I’ve been to other dining experiences but Gingerline are definitely the market leader: no-one does it quite like this. Tickets start at £55 ad having experienced it myself I honestly believe this represents good value for money. So get yourself booked onto ‘The Grand Expedition’ – you’re in for one hell of a journey.

Reviewed by Jody Tranter
Photo: Rob Greig


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