REVIEW: THE GREAT GATSBY (Gatsby’s Mansion at Immersive LDN)

Gatsby has become almost synonymous with partying. And for good reason. We immediately conjure up images of champagne, flapper dresses and the Charleston.

And this is exactly what you get from the immersive production. Its new home in Mayfair feels much more fitting and the space is opulent but gritty.

The experience is what you make it and this time around I wasn’t lucky enough to get quite as involved as last time, so I did feel like I missed out a little bit on the story. That said, it meant I got to see a different side to it; there was more singing, more dancing and more partying. It was still fun, but I favour more of the intimate interactions.

If you are taken off into a room who knows what you’ll find out! The key is to embrace it: ask questions, join in and let your hair down! The actors mix scripted scenes with improvisation, so the more you participate, the better it is. And if you go a second time, you’ll have a totally different experience.

All actors are fantastic, immersing themselves in their role and responding to audience members in good jest and spirit.

It’s raucous, exhilarating and brilliant!


Reviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes