REVIEW: THE PERFECT MURDER (The Churchill Theatre, Bromley)

We all love a good thriller to keep us on our toes – this is ‘The Perfect Murder’ mystery with a good dose of humour too.

The Perfect Murder is the fantastic working of Peter James’ number one best-selling thriller which spent fifteen weeks at the number one spot. It has now been transferred from the novel to the stage.

The story centres around Victor Smiley played by Shane Richie and his wife Joan, played by Jessie Wallace. They have been married for twenty years and they have become bored with one another. As the arguments, anger and boredom increase over time, Victor decides there is only one way that he is able to get rid of Joan. The chemistry between Shane and Jessie is fantastic and they work very well together, however at times I felt Shane was a little weaker in convincing me about his character. Jessie has been perfectly cast for the role of Joan and she had the audience laughing throughout.

Don Kirk, played by Stephen Fletcher, is Joan’s hunky love interest and in turn they decide that they need to get rid of Victor, but are not sure how.

Victor visits Kamila Walcak, the physic Eastern European prostitute, played by Simona Armstrong, on a regular basis. DC Roy Grace, played by Benjamin Wilkin, is attempting to solve his first big case. He asks Kamila for her help in solving the case and thinks he is on the right track to solving the murder.

The set design was good with Kamilas room, Victor and Joan’s bedroom and the living room/kitchen being used. The use of lighting and effects were great too – with some weird behaviour being seen.

I won’t spoil your enjoyment by revealing what happens, but it will keep you guessing until the very end. The plot is clever and there are plenty of twists, turns and surprises in store to keep you on the edge of your seat and for any murder mystery fans to be kept guessing the outcome. You’ll have to find out what happens for yourself…

Reviewed by Sam Harler
Photo: Honeybunn Photography

The Perfect Murder is playing at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley until Saturday 13th February and then tours nationally until April 2016.