045A6626nGlenn Chandler’s new musical THE SINS OF JACK SAUL has just opened at the UK’s only full time LGBT theatre, Above The Stag, telling the true story of Dublin Jack, the Victorian gay prostitute. Following on from last years success show FANNY AND STELLA (other Victorian prostitutes whom were rumoured to have relations with Jack Saul).

Dublin Jack is dead and the time has come for him to meet his maker, the devil. Not so keen on the idea of spending eternity in the fiery pitts of hell, Jack convinces Fergus (in his fabulous purple suit) that if he can tell him one good thing he has done in his life then he can go upstairs to heaven instead. The musical tells the tale of his scandalous life, entertaining high profile clients and creating quite a stir throughout London.

The great set design gives the feeling of being in a dark, dank alley way of Victorian London and the show is well directed and choreographed with some impressive dance numbers. Musically there are a string of memorable tunes that help to build layers into the story including I Could Be Jane Austen, I Always Wanted A Man In Uniform, It’s A Fine Life On The Dilly and The Ballad Of The Dublin Seven.

Jack McCann gives a brilliant performance as lead Jack Saul and works well alongside Michael Gonsalves as the devil, Fergus and also Ciaran Bowling, as Lieutenant Kirwan.  A strong ensemble comes with notable performances from Sam Chipman, Felicity Duncan, and Hugh O’Donnell.

THE SINS OF JACK SAUL is a great little musical with a catchy set of songs, great set design and a group of great actors who bring this comedy musical to life.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

THE SINS OF JACK SAUL plays at Above The Stag Theatre until 12 June 2016