Based on the TV series (which, full disclosure, I have never seen) The Windsors: Endgame opened at The Prince of Wales Theatre this week, poking fun at the royal family in a cruel yet (somewhat) hilarious way.

The Queen has resigned and Prince Charles (Harry Enfield) is now King. Camilla (Tracy-Ann Oberman) has let the power go to her head and Beatrice (Jenny Rainsford) and Eugenie (Eliza Butterworth) are doing everything they can to stop their Pizza Express loving dad from having his life ruined by ‘nonce-gate’. Harry (Tom Durant-Pritchard) and Meghan (Crystal Condie) are living in LA, doing Yoga and drinking smoothies, and William (Ciaran Owens) and Kate (Kara Tointon) must attempt to make peace with them in order to save the Royal Family.

Tracy-Ann Oberman is perfect as the villain of the story, Camilla, commanding the stage and playing the role to perfection. Ciaran Owens, Kara Tointon, Tom Durant-Pritchard, and Crystal Condie are all wonderful as William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan, with Kate and Meghan’s slow-motion fight scene a highlight! Harry Enfield is brilliant as Charles, reminiscent of the character ‘Tim Nice But Dim’ from his 90’s TV series ‘Harry Enfield and Chums’. Jenny Rainsford and Eliza Butterworth are hilarious as Beatrice and Eugenie, on a mission to save themselves from doom and the entire cast plays their parts amazingly well, including Sophie-Louise Dann as the glorious Fergie who also deserves a special mention.

Whilst the first half of the show is offensively funny, it is just making fun of what we see in the news. Sadly the second act takes a sour turn and steps over the line from poking fun to being nasty. It literally becomes a pantomime, when a sign is held up on stage, telling the audience to ‘boo’ Camilla. It just all becomes a bit ridiculous.

The Windsors: Endgame has brilliant acting but content that sadly steps over the line (and I’m not even a Royalist). However, for my sins, I did laugh quite a lot during the first half and so it wasn’t all bad!


Reviewed by West End Wilma