REVIEW: TINA TURNER TEA LADY (Gary’s Warehouse – The Bottle Shop) ★★★★★

tina-turner-tea-lady-2-jpg1-540x405Providing the late night entertainment after a production of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS at Gary’s Warehouse (The Bottle Shop) is TINA TURNER TEA LADY.

Tina comes on in her tea ladies overalls with her stockings around her ankles. The only sign of the superstar that she truly is, is the wild Tina Turner hair with a cute little face staring out between her golden locks and legs which go on and on.

She proceeds to sing some Tina songs, converses with the audience in that Tina twang, walks in the wide legged Tina shuffle and leads the audience in Tina choruses. She is hilarious. She makes gentle fun of the gentlemen and forms conga lines with the congregation.

When you think things can not possibly get better, she dramatically rips off her overall, tartan slippers and stockings to reveal a short, black, sparkling Tina Turner dress. Wow that girl has got a great figure. She dances perfectly and sings like Tina. Wonderful, warm and funny. Great entertainment (though again the beer did help). Perfect late night entertainment!

Reviewed by Graham Archer