REVIEW: Tiresia (Etcetera Theatre) ★★★★

Golden Age Theatre Company is dedicated to creating theatre that explores big ideas. Tiresia is a new play written and directed by Ian Dixon Potter that challenges views of personality, identity and memory.

Tiresia is a young artist who spends a lot of time in the pub with Harold, shares a flat with Alice and finds herself dodging advances from Harold’s granddaughter Laura. Through a series of scenes played over 80 minutes Tiresia’s story is revealed to us through conversations with old and new connections. Why is she so cagey about her past? Why does she use such old fashioned language, drink scotch and wear so much tweed? Why is she suddenly fluent in Italian having never been to the country or studied the language? Why does she have such vivid memories of unfamiliar people and places? Why are her closest friends so much older than her?

Natasha Killam plays the enigmatic Tiresia, wise beyond her years yet still unsure of herself. Harold is played by Albert Clack, warm and supportive of his young friend. Louise Morell is Alice, overcome by the past she shares with Tiresia and then transformed as Celia whose arrival begins to provide some answers. Marissa Joseph plays Laura; in stark contrast to Tiresia, she is very open about her sexuality and desires; she finds herself drawn to this woman and seeks to explore her hidden past. Her response when she finally hears the truth is a stand out moment in a play full of secrets and lies.

Tiresia asks the audience to consider what makes us who we are. Does how we look affect how people treat us? What makes our friendships last the test of time? This tale will leave you wondering how you would react and what choices you would make.

Reviewed by Rhiannon Evans