Chris Woodley‘s new farce about a Hollywood heartthrob trying to avoid being outed as gay in order to have a chance at winning ‘Best Actor’ at the Oscars, is currently playing at Above The Stag Theatre in Vauxhall.

Set in a hotel room on the eve of the Oscars, Tommy Miller, his boyfriend George and Agent Eddie are awaiting the arrival of gossip columnist Kiki, to interview Tommy about his nomination for the upcoming awards ceremony. But Kiki has her suspicions that there might be some gay skeletons in his closet and is set to expose the truth. Being a farce, of course everything goes wrong, from people being locked in cupboards to falling out of windows, the group do everything they can to avoid revealing the truth to the reporter. Easier said than done when the drunk sister Molly arrives and they can’t get rid of the showtune-quoting, spectacularly gay boyfriend.

Christopher Lane (Eddie) is brilliantly over the top, pearl-clutchingly camp and outrageous, embodying elements of Harvey Fierstein and Tim Curry. Lucas Livesey (George) delivers some brilliant musical theatre quotes throughout the show to keep the stagey people in the audience entertained and Alexander Hulme (Tommy) gives us more than we bargained for when he drops his towel. Stacy Sobieski (Molly) is fabulous and brings some real comedy moment to the play. Becky Sanneh (Kiki) and Bridgette Amofah (Judy) also add wonderful elements to the show.

At Above The Stag, you know what you’ve signed up for – a night of camp fun. The show is better after a few drinks and probably won’t win any awards but its a great night out with a lot of laugh out loud moments to enjoy.


Reviewed by West End Wilma