Tori Amos unveils her most interesting album in years, Native Invader

Tori Amos Native Invader

It’s been a few years since Tori Amos made her Musical Theatre writing debut with The Light Princess, which premiered at London’s National Theatre in 2013. The singer/songwriter, who’s impressive career has carved fifteen albums in twenty five years since Little Earthquakes was released in 1992. Now Tori is back with one of her best albums in years, Native Invader.

Native Invader’s central theme circles around death. Tori has always made subtle references to the work of writer Neil Gaiman ever since Tear In Your Hand in 1992 “Neil said hi by the way” and he is as ever present in this new album with references to ‘Sister Despair’, ‘Dream King’ and ‘The Endless’ which are all from Gaiman’s Sandman Comics, which were about dying.

Almost all of the songs on this new album have some kind of incredible musical hook that make you think “wow, what is that? What am I listening to?” It’s incredibly different from any of her earlier work and I guess that is the amazing thing about Tori Amos. She has successfully made each album different and gained a legion of fans who are happy to experiment alongside her in her musical journey.

Even at the album launch party, held last week in East London, Tori adapted her new musical style in to some of her back catalogue, including a very 80’s synth sound to 2005’s Mother Revolution from the album The Beekeeper. “This is my new keyboard” she announced to the crowd. “come see more on tour in a couple of week’s and I might have found some new sounds but right now this is my favourite.”

Native Invader closes with the deeply emotional song Mary’s Eyes, which talks about Tori’s mother who suffered a stroke at the start of 2017 leaving her unable to speak. “What’s behind Mary’s eyes? Hide your tears, can’t we just bring her delight?” An incredibly personal album for Tori Amos, full of brilliant musical styles, 80’s synths and heart wrenching lyrics.

Native Invader is released on 8 September 2017. Tori Amos will play at London’s Royal Albert Hall on October 4 and Tour’s around Europe from this week.