Voices From Home is an evening of short plays by emerging writers from outside London (specifically the Home Counties) curated by Tim Cook, Artistic Director at Broken Silence Theatre.

In seventy minutes we are presented with four short plays in the same small space, all featuring different actors. First up is ‘Asylum’ by Sevan K. Greene where Lynn, a well-meaning older lady faces the challenging reality of welcoming an asylum seeker into her home. ‘Love Me Tinder’ by James McDermott sees Tina and Ellie working through their respective barriers to accept that maybe they could overcome their barriers and have a relationship with each other in real life. ‘The History Club’ by Danielle Pearson shows a clash of cultures when an elderly lady, a young war widow and a teenage goth come together to meet a woman who claims she can speak to the spirits of their loved ones passed away. ‘Trust’ by Ella Dorman-Gajic tells the tale of two mis-matched sisters facing the loss of their grandmother.

These short plays are well acted and directed with interesting characters that could be expanded into longer works.

The two night run was sold out which bodes well for interest in these new writers. The next show could bear a larger venue and a longer run.

Reviewed by Rhiannon Evans