Watching Glory Die is a short play based on the tragic true story of a young Canadian woman who was imprisoned for throwing apples at the postman, shockingly let down and abused by the penal system which brings about a rapid deterioration of her mental health and ultimately leads to her suicide, whilst in solitary confinement.

This visceral and gritty piece is staged with only 3 characters; Glory, her mother and her prison officer played by Kelli Fox, Kathryn Haggis, Nathanya Barnett. All of whom deliver strong performances as we hear the story from each of their perspectives through short monologues in canon.

This is indubitably an important story to tell however for me the play lacked pace and I found myself willing the next part of the story to come.

From a technical perspective I think the team may have had some issues with the lighting, which at many points felt like someone was just flicking a light switch on and off and several scenes had the actors not lit at all, making it hard to see what was happening. Whether or not that was the intention I am unsure.

Regardless, this was an interesting piece that certainly has its merits. Perhaps a more intimate setting would have helped keep the energy of the story alive.

Reviewed by Peter Cowell


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