REVIEW: WHEN THE CURTAIN FALLS (Carrie Hope Fletcher) ★★★★

A few months ago I went to Carrie Hope Fletcher‘s debut album launch with the CD titled the same as her upcoming novel ‘When The Curtain Falls‘. On the night of the launch I was given an advanced copy of the new novel which has now just been released.

When The Curtain Falls tells the story of two couples, performing in the same theatre production at the same theatre but more than sixty five years apart. Olive Green and Oscar Bright are co-stars of a new production of When The Curtain Falls at the Southern Cross Theatre in 2018. Olive, a theatre actor and Oscar the teenage soap star heart throb, making his way into theatre. They fall in love and start a showmance, meeting at night ‘when the curtain falls’. But back in 1952, Fawn Burrows and Lawrence Baker fell in love whilst performing the same show in the same theatre but their love was doomed and faced a bloody ending. So when the theatre ghost is invoked back to life by this new production, the haunting story of what really happened all those years ago comes to light and there is danger that the same disastrous ending could occur. The only person who knows the truth is the stage door keeper Walter who has been watching over the theatre from the very beginning.

It’s an easy read, at over 350 pages it didn’t take me more than a couple of days to read it cover to cover. The story is real and engaging and the characters are loveable enough for you to feel invested in them and what might be about to happen.

As an actor herself, Author Carrie Hope Fletcher has had much inspiration to draw upon for this story from her years in the theatre business. One particular part I enjoyed was Olive and Oscar being photographed kissing on the tube together, causing a media frenzy when the pictures were published. This story reminded me of something very similar that happened in theatre land several years ago, where a married soap star and his on stage co-star made headline news in the same way.

Carrie Hope Fletcher writes well for her mostly teenage fanbase. It’s teen-fiction and cheesy in places but it’s a good read thoroughly enjoyable, especially for those with a love of theatre.

Reviewed by West End Wilma


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