Romeo and Juliet – London Theatre Workshop

IMG_3840.JPG“My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite.”

With such a classic tale as Romeo and Juliet, it’s always a worry that a new interpretation will be tired, boring or even too modern.

However, London Theatre Workshop have managed to produce a performance that is energetic, aggressive and enthusiastic. The cast perform Shakespeare’s words with such intensity and strength that it’s a pleasure to watch.

Daisy Ward shines as Juliet, her innocent beauty and charm epitomising the role of this young girl in love for the first time. We truly believe that she is a woman on the edge as she wrestles with her feelings for Romeo (Hal Geller) and her duty as a daughter.

Her relationship with her nurse (Joseph Law) is lovely to see and the decision to cast a man as the nurse reminds the audience of the traditions of Shakespearean performances.

Peter Dewhurst does well distinguishing between his three different characters (Mercutio, Paris and the Prince) and Ella Cook excels as Benvolio.

The fight scenes are superbly choreographed and surprisingly shocking and violent, especially for us in the front row!

Costumes are simple, with the cast (except Juliet and Lady Capulet) dressed in black trousers and white shirts, adding an accessory to depict their change of character. This works well, especially at the beginning when the cast all speak the prologue in unison.

It was fresh, it was different and it was enjoyable. Well done London Theatre Workshop.

Reviewed by Michalea Clement-Hayes

Romeo and Juliet is playing at the London Theatre Workshop until 22 November