Room On The Broom

Tall Stories. "Room On The Broom". The Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue.

Wilma’s Rating [rating=4]


I’m not sure why I wanted to go and see Room On The Broom. It’s for three-year olds but I think more than anything I liked the look of the poster! The idea of having to get up and to the theatre before 12pm was an interesting idea to me and was something I regretted when my alarm went off this morning!

The only way I thought I would survive an hour in the theatre with hundreds of three-year olds was to buy a coffee on my way to the show which sadly I was told I couldn’t bring in to the theatre and had to leave outside!

Room On The Broom however was wonderful. I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it! The story is simple. A witch and her cat, riding along on their broom, on their way to defeat a dragon (as you do). On the way they meet some other friendly characters including a dog (who wants a lift to the moon so he can howl at it), a frog and a very camp bird! Together, they travel along with a few mishaps along the way.

David Garrud, who plays the roles of both the Dog and the Frog slipped up at one point and spoke in the wrong voice for the character who was talking which caused everyone on stage to break character and laugh hysterically for a few minutes. The adults in the audience laughed along with them!

A clever, funny and colourful show that seemed to keep the children mesmerised in their seats (mostly). I was as captivated as they were and came out of the theatre still singing the songs whilst I finished my christmas shopping!

Room on the Room is real must see show this christmas, whether you are 3 or 63, this is a brilliantly put together show that is sure to delight! It left me wanting to ask the question ‘Is there room on the broom for me?’

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Room On The Broom plays at the Lyric Theatre until 13th January 2013.

Morag Cross as the witch
David Garrud as Dog/Frog
Sam Donovan as Bird/Dragon

Written and adapted by Olivia Jacobs and Toby Mitchell
Directed by Olivia Jacobs
Designer, Morgan Large
Lighting, James Whiteside
Sound, Andy Shaw and Jon Fiber