Sam Simmons

Wilma’s Rating [rating=4]


Hilarious Australian and stand up comedian, Sam Simmons can currently be found performing his show ‘About the Weather’ at London’s Soho Theatre. A friend of mine wanted to go and so we did! When I asked how she knew the comedian and whether he was good she told me she had never seen or heard his shows, but she received an email and thought it would be fun to see! Therefore, I went into the show not having a clue what to expect but realising that email marketing can really work!

The hour-long stand up show resolves mostly around the story of Sams bus crush, Tanya, who he sees every day but can’t pluck up the courage to talk to her. His theme tune is the theme tune from Gillette (the best a man can get) and this is played at random points during the show. At one point, Sam slaps slices of ham over his face and then starts wrestling a swan! Audience members get to throw shoes at seagulls and get their hair sniffed in this totally bizarre comedy show.

People in the front row be warned, the audience are a big part of the show and Sam isn’t afraid to pick on the most reluctant of people. Sam once had a goat tattooed on his bottom as a dare on live radio and so this comedian knows no boundaries.

Sam Simmons is a very funny man and his show will have you in stitches. Go see him at Soho Theatre until 5th January 2013. For more information and to book tickets click here.