Saucy Jacks and the Space Vixens

Wilma’s Rating ***

Saucy Jacks and the Space Vixens is a cross between The Rocky Horror Show and We Will Rock You. With a cult following, twisted characters and a setting in space, the show has all the right ingredients for a fun, lighthearted night out.

The Leicester Square Theatre Lounge is the perfect, intimate, cabaret style space for a show like this, although the random singer they used as an opening act to the show made no sense to the story and was rather a sad car crash of a performance to sit through.

Saucy Jacks is a club in outer space run by Jack De’ath (Ralph Bogard). Suddenly, one by one, the club workers start to be brutally murdered with a high heel shoe in their chest. This causes the beautifully erotic space vixens to come to the planet to find justice and peace for these murdered souls.

Leanne Jones (Bunny Lingus), Jamie Birkett (Jubilee Climax) and Kate Malyon (Anna Labia) are the space vixens, spreading the word of disco everywhere they go.

Leanne Jones is no stranger to the west end, having played the lead role of Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray the Musical at the Shaftesbury Theatre. Her cheeky, relaxed nature could make you think Adele has wandered onto the stage, with enough attitude to fill the room but also a sweet nature in her character, Bunny Lingus.

Jamie Birkett has the most impressive set of … lungs in the show (and some of the best outfits) and having done shows such as Rent and Fame it’s not surprising that this girl can really make you stop and listen, for when she sings, she commands the room as Jubilee Climax.

Ralph Bogard steals the show as Jack De’ath, with a comic nature and an impressive set of lungs. Why no one has cast this man to play Fagin in Oliver yet I don’t know! His dark, piercing eyes tell the story he is trying to convey (the best type of acting, something which Jamie Birkett also possesses).

Special mention must also go to the adorable Nigel Thomas who’s sweet and innocent portrayal of Sammy Sax left me wanting to put him in my handbag and take him home.

Saucy Jacks isn’t the best show in the world but this amazing cast pull it together for a very enjoyable evening.