Rating [rating=4]

Reviewed by Candice Nel


I’d heard Siro-A were Japans answer to the Blue Man Group and was instantly intrigued by the idea of mime, techno and a light show, all being combined on stage at the Leicester Square Theatre. The show doesn’t disappoint – it is an epic hour of performance art and I loved it.

With a 6 strong troupe taking to the stage, including a VJ, DJ and modern dancers, the combination comes together to captivate you, creating scenes of iconic arcade games and poking fun at how our lives are shared through the internet.

The show has been cleverly orchestrated to make the video images work alongside the performers dancing, moving through impossible situations. This is done using using a white screen to both project on to and shadow from behind. The performers sometimes wear light suites and masks and it made me wonder how to get hold of a couple of these for my next festival trip!

The theatre is a great size with no seat being too far back to take anything away from the show. This is definitely a show that would captivate younger viewers, with no chance of falling asleep but be warned, the music is electronic and loud. There are smoke machines and strobe lights so this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but the human rainbow is definitely worth spending the hour taking in the award winning Siro-A.

Siro-A plays at The Leicester Square Theatre until 22nd April. For more information and to book tickets visit