Skin Tight

Angela Bull & John Schumacher

Interviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes


What should people expect from Skin Tight?

Angela: It’s a memory play about a couple – childhood sweethearts at the end of their journey. It’s about all the things that they should have said to each other but never did. It’s their last chance.
John: They relive the past, their memories of their life together and the reactions to things that were not said.
Angela: We want people to really feel the emotions of the characters-seeing people in tears has made us realise that what we’re doing is affecting people and it’s an amazing feeling.
John: Absolutely, we don’t want the audience to come out of the theatre and think ‘hmmm what’s for dinner?’ We want to evoke their emotions and make them feel ‘something’ and continue discussing it in the bar afterwards. If they cry, so much the better!


Tell me about Epsilon Productions

Angela: Erica Lowe and I founded Epsilon Productions in 2006 and our first production was Extremities. That’s how I met John actually and during one rehearsal I saw something and thought he’d be perfect for the role of John in Skin Tight, which we started working on two years ago.
John: Angela just likes anything that will shock an audience-something with nudity, rape or sex in it always works!
Angela: Well, sex sells!


What’s your ideal role?

John: John in Patrick Marber’s ‘After Miss Julie’. Not only does he have the same name as me, which makes my life easier, but he’s the complete opposite of me. I’m quite frenetic, but Marber’s John is still and manly. He’s a total stallion. I like a challenge…
Angela: Elizabeth in ‘Skin Tight’ (so at least I can retire happy now). She’s such a fascinating character and I love the physicality and stubbornness of her. But I’d do ANYTHING with David Lynch!


What was the last production you saw?

Angela: Jamie Lloyd’s ‘Macbeth’ with James McAvoy. It’s something else when he’s on his knees in front of you and you can see the colour of his eyes. It just doesn’t get any better than that.
John: ‘Dustman’s Holiday’ at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, Islington.


What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you on stage?

Angela: Well we’ve both got lots of bruises from this production! Luckily Dan [Lloyd] is a great fight director and we’re both trained in stage combat so we know what we’re doing. I did once have a sneezing fit on stage-all throughout a two-page speech! It was a restoration piece so other cast members kept screeching ‘Bless you,’ and waving tissues at me, which was quite funny.
John: During Quadrophenia I sharted on stage…


So what’s next?

Angela: We’d like to tour with Skin Tight and we are in discussions. We’re also considering ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ – definitely very exciting times ahead!


Are there any productions you’d like to see come back to the West End?

Angela: Jamie Lloyd’s ‘Three Days of Rain’
John: A Clockwork Orange on Ice… Or Othellover on the ice…