Sleeping Arrangements

Wilma’s Rating [rating=3]


Sleeping Arrangements at the Landor Theatre is one of those rare moments when you can get up close and personal with some of the West Ends biggest stars of today. Jenny Gayner (Chicago, Spamalot), Sabrina Aloueche (Les Miserables, We Will Rock You) and Adam Pettigrew (Avenue Q, Wicked) are three of the most recognisable faces and their performances do not let them down, proving that they all have enormous talent whether they are on the big stage or small stages.

Sleeping Arrangements is a musical full of potential with big musical numbers and wonderful acting. The story is of two families who accidentally end up on holiday in the same villa that has been double booked. As the story unfolds, we realise they have more in common that we first thought and the twist at the end brings us around to understand why they were there in the first place.

The Landor Theatre is a small, 60 seat theatre above a pub in Clapham North. Sitting in the front row in a show like this has an uncomfortable feeling that you are at times ‘too close’ to the action and leaves you not knowing where to look but this is also the beauty of smaller theatres.

Go and see Sleeping Arrangements if you are a fan of musical theatre and want to see big west end stars in more intimate environments. The show itself however, whilst perfectly fine, lacked some spice and flavouring and I struggled to find the “wow factor” in it.


Watch Jenny Gayner and Adam Pettigrew talking about Sleeping Arrangements during rehearsals for the show.

You can also take a look at a day in the life of Sabrina Aloueche, while she was in rehearsals for Sleeping Arrangements here.