Sleeping Booty – Leicester Square Theatre

IMG_4224.JPGNot for the faint hearted or easily offended Sleeping Booty is playing at Leicester Square Theatre from Tuesday 25 November to Saturday 17 January, 2015.

This is an absolutely hilarious adult pantomime with an abundance of adult humour, tongue in cheek quips, a lot of innuendo and outuendo and a lot of audience participation!

The Evil Mangelina (Miss Dusty ‘O’), is wreaking havoc over a perverted pantoland and is looking to trick the other panto players to achieve her own dastardly goals, with her randy and trusted sidekick Tit-Bit.

Booty is a chavtastic ladette from the Estate Upon Gusset who has her own fairy godmother looking out for her, the very magical Fairy Muff.

I was incredibly impressed with the quick wit, hilarious humour and fast pace of the script. Writer and Director Stuart Saint has produced a fantastic adult pantomime with Sleeping Booty.

Performances across the board were excellent with entertaining (and slightly blue!) call and response for the audience.

An outstanding comical performance comes from Paula Masterton as Fairy Muff who has a wonderful voice and fantastic comic timing.

Tit-Bit, played by Rachael Born also delivers a truly hilarious performance and has an intimate interactive rapport with the audience.

Alice Marshall (Booty) and Leon Scott (Prince Willie Wontie) have a cheeky and tongue in cheek relationship and compliment each other extremely well as a comedy duo both delivering strong performances.

This is a laugh-a-minute production and I would highly recommend getting along to see this festive seasonal adult pantomime! A word of warning . . . If you sit in the front row then prepared to be very much part of the action.

Reviewed by Matthew Andrew Wren

Photo: Marc Abe