Rating: 5/5

Where:Harold Pinter Theatre, London

How Much:£15.00-£65.00

How long: 1hr 55mins (including interval)

Running until: 9th September 2012







It’s not spam… It’s 5* rump steak!Ive never been a huge fan of Monty Python. Obviously I didn’t mention this to John Du Prez (co-writer) who was sat behind me at press night for the West End opening of Spamalot at the Harold Pinter Theatre. Luckily, you don’t need to be a fan to enjoy this show. It is a cheeky tip of the hat to musical theatre and good old fashioned English comedy.

Having been on tour since it closed at the Palace Theatre in 2009 (after a 2 1/2 year run) Spamalot is back for 7 weeks in the West End. Heather Small, Kate Walsh, Niall Sheehy from ITV’s Superstar (and a well renowned West End actor) and Cherie Blair all turned up to see the show and the paparazzi flashed away as they entered the building. The photographers must have not been looking when Wilma walked in as not a single one took a picture of me!

King Arthur and his Knights of the round table have been given a quest by god (Eric Idle via video projection), the find the holy grail. During their travels they come across well loved Python characters such as the French, the Knights who say Ni and a Schwubbery.

Marcus Brigstocke (Arthur) and Todd Carty (Patsy) have been playing these characters since the tour started in 2010. Having seen the show back then and many times along the way, I can confidently tell you they have perfected their craft over these two years and you can see they still enjoy it as much as ever.

The beautiful Bonnie Langford stars as The Lady Of The Lake and steals the show with her version of ‘Divas Lament’ which used to feature the line “I’m constantly replaced by Cheryl Cole” to the now more apt “I’m constantly replaced like Cheryl Cole” referring to how she was kicked off of the show X Factor.

Kit Orton (previously the understudy) plays the role of the sexually confused Lancelot wonderfully and deserves his promotion to the full time role.

One part of the show, which is improvised every night, causes Brigstocke to have to remember the lines on the spot and was laughed off saying “you had to do this to me on press night!”

Star Song has been almost entirely updated to feature Boris Johnson riding around on his Boris Bike and Jedward Irish jigging across the stage.

Nothing about this show is serious and if you’re expecting something similar to Les Miserables then you will be disappointed, but if you want a laugh and a fun night out I couldn’t recommend a better show!