Where: Richmond Theatre, TW9 1QJ
How much: £19.50-£39.50 (cheaper tickets may be available for some shows on
How long: 2hrs
Running until: 7th April at this venue, then at various venues until 26th May 2012
Merchandise: Small programme: £3.50 (if you can get one), T shirts £10
Drinks: Wine £5.50
Review performance date: Wednesday 4th April 2012

Nearest Tube station Richmond

Nearest Rail station Waterloo (then 20minute tube to Richmond)

Website: Richmond Theatre

Seating chart


“I wonder if her boss knows she’s turning away business just to get home early?” That was what I was thinking when I was told I could only buy a programme if I had the correct change!


I wasn’t going to see Spamalot on this tour, even though it has a special place in my heart, but when offered best available seats for £10 i knew I would be a fool to stay away.


The Richmond Theatre was a little unorganised. The show was late starting due to the number of people trying to filter into the stalls with only two people there to check tickets. Eventually everyone made it in and the show could begin!


I’ve never been a Monty Python fan, I just think its silly and not very funny BUT I love this musical.


Based on The Holy Grail film, we see king Arthur (Steven Pacey) on his search for knights to join his army and go forth in search of the holy grail, which god himself (Eric Idol – via video) has instructed him to find. With a gentle nudge by the lady of the lake (Bonnie Langford) Arthur sets off, running into Python favourites such as the knights that say ni, the white rabbit and the schwubbery along the way.


With songs like “I’m not dead yet”, “the song that goes like this”, and “what ever happened to my part (divas lament)” this show is as hilarious as it sounds. It is a complete piss take out of musicals with song lines like “i’ve been off stage for far too long, it’s ages since I had a song” and “I can’t believe there’s more, it’s far too long i’m sure, that’s the trouble with this song, it goes on and on and on”.


Spamalot has been touring since 2010 with only a short break last year and is still selling to packed houses (although some teasing with discount tickets may be helping). Eastenders favourite Todd Carty has played the role of Patsy (singing the crowd pleaser “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”) since the beginning with the likes of Marcus Brigstoke, Jodie Prenger and Matthew Kelly appearing along the way in various roles. Bonnie Langford played the role of The Lady of the Lake magnificently in this performance although my favourite lady is still Dancing on Ice winner Hayley Tamaddon.


On tour until May it is a must see if you’re in the area. Check out for dates.