Speed The Plow

The hottest ticket in town right now is for Speed The Plow. The 1988 play written by David Mamet, which premiered on Broadway starring Madonna. A 2006 revival in Los Angeles featured Alicia Silverstone and now it is the turn of Lindsay Lohan in the UK revival.

The biggest question in the West End right now is whether Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has cleared up her bad girl image and proved she is a worthy actress, performing in her West End debut, Speed The Plow at the Playhouse Theatre. Ok so she forgot one of her lines tonight and had to be promoted and yes apparently she was out until 3am last night partying (but she’s allowed to do what she wants to). As an actress in a play she is good. All three actors in this play (Nigel Lindsay and Richard Schiff) seem to muddle through the piece with nervous stuttering, making me question whether this is actually how director Lindsay Posner intended it to be. It gets annoying at times when you think ‘just spit it out’. I’ve never seen this play before and so have nothing to compare it to but I am guessing the script is the issue and not the acting.

This 90 minute, three act play never stays still for long enough for anything to really happen. The audience shift uncomfortably in their seats yawning and at the end of the second act several people even took the opportunity to leave the performance.

The play tells the story of Bobby Gould. He is in charge of saying what film scripts get turned into Hollywood movies. He has made his choice between two possibilities until a temporary secretary, Karen, swoops in one day and turns his world upside down. Can she convince him to change his mind and what are her motives? I was hoping there would be a great climax to this show, perhaps uncovering that Karen has gone in to try to convince Bobby to get her husbands script made into a film by seducing him but sadly the end is quite uneventful.

Lindsay Lohan will draw the crowds in to keep this show going, and why shouldn’t she? She’s a huge Hollywood actress and it allows people to experience being in the same room as someone like that. But as seasoned theatre goers, will the public be wowed by this production? Probably not. But I can’t blame Lindsay for this. It just isn’t a very good show.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

Speed The Plow is playing at the Playhouse Theatre until 29 November 2014.