Rating: 4 /5

Where: Kings Head Theatre, London

How Much: £10.00-£22.50
How long: 1hr 20mins (no interval)

Running until: 7th July 2012

Programme: £1






It’s amazing what you can find at the back of a pub. Tonight, I found the show Spinach, at the back of the Kings Head Theatre in Islington.

Being sat in the back room of a pub brings home what theatre is all about. Acting and singing is an art, a passion. Whether you’re performing in front of 10,000 people or 100 people, actors do this job because they believe in the piece they are performing.

The two lead roles are played by Cassandra Compton (a former Nessa-Rose in Wicked) and the gorgeous Ben Gerrard. For 80 minutes this non stop musical sees them trying to work out how they came to be tied to a chair together. How did they meet and who has abducted them? They take it in turns to re-trace their steps and the events that led up to the present time.

Haloumi kebabs and a Natalie Cassady look-a-like (Clare Greenway) with her impromptu saxaphone solos make this show hilarious! When actor Ben Gerrard comes on stage wearing nothing but a towel, you realise Shayne Ward has some competition for the hottest guy in theatre!

A brilliant show, Featuring a story and actors that deserve to be on a big stage and not piled into the back of a pub (lovely as it is)!