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Trafalgar studios,
14 Whitehall
London SW1A 2DY

How Much:
How long:
1hr 20mins
Running until:
26th May 2012Merchandise:
Programme: £2.50
Signed poster:£10

Beer: £4
Wine: £5.10-£6.10
Ice cream:£3.20

Closest tube station:
Charing Cross and Embankment


Seating plan

Review performance date:
Wednesday 2nd May 2012


The intensity of this play is breath taking. The intimacy of the 100 seat theatre makes you feel uncomfortable, like you are watching a family have the type of conversations they would never want to be had in front of people.

Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison plays Keith, a recovering addict from drink and drugs. Having only recently been released from prison, he is living in a small, dirty flat, for which the living room is the stage for the entire show.

Foster parents Alan and Judith reluctantly arrive at the house, after being summoned by Keith. Part of his recovery requires him to seek forgiveness for the things he has done to hurt other people in his life.

For an hour or so, Keith insists on revisiting every occasion he feels he needs forgiveness from them for, no matter how distressing, so he can put it behind him and move on with his life. These things are understandingly resisted by the foster parents but Keith insists they must talk through them one by one, no matter how much hurt dragging up the past will bring.

A surprise visitor at the end brings the conversations to a halt and the shock ending leaves you wondering if Keith really is crazy and every word has been a lie, or if he has sacrificed everything in order to protect and gain the forgiveness he needed from the ones he loves.The dramatic performance by all of the cast has you sitting on the edge of your seat for the entire performance and shows what a magnificent piece of theatre really is all about.


Photo credits: Mike Lidbetter

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