Supreme Fabulettes

Wilma’s Rating ***

Last night saw the gala performance of The Supreme Fabulettes new show Viva La Drag at the Leicester Square Theatre.

Having just added a new member to the group, drag queens turned up to the show in force to see what new competition they were up against. There were more sequins in that theatre than I’ve seen in my whole life and it was a wonderful atmosphere with a lot of support for the group.

The Supreme Fabulettes spend two hours taking the audience through the decades with all singing, all dancing disco hits and different outfits every few numbers.

If this was their first performance then they did well, however it felt a little under rehearsed and like four drag queens in a mad rush to get to a Primark sale. It was a little all over the place.

The audience loved the Supreme Fabulettes and they were indeed fab, however there was nothing original that hasn’t been done before and some of the musical arrangements sounded very similar to other drag acts I’ve heard lately.

The highlight of the night was Australian compare Sheila Simmonds who kept us entertained whilst the Fabulettes changed their wigs.

Overall the Supreme Fabulettes are good but certainly aren’t the cream of the crop on the London drag scene.