Supreme fabulettes

Rating [rating=5]

Reviewed by Jamie chapman Dixon

The Supreme Fabulettes is an ‘all female male show’. With Leicester Square Theatre as our setting and the alcohol flowing, we looked to be in for a good night. As we took our seats the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and laughter with old school cheesy pop music being played in the background. The mood was set perfectly and we instantly felt like we fitted right in and I couldn’t wait for the show to start. The house lights went down, silence whisked through the auditorium then three silhouettes could be seen on stage before the lights burst open and revealed three beautiful artists in gorgeous frocks. This was our first glimpse of Miss Vicki Vivalicious, Miss Madison Lee and Miss Vanilla Lush.

As the show progressed you could tell these girls didn’t take themselves too seriously. The show was full of laughter, sexual innuendos and audience embarrassment. The spectacular trio really gave us all something to pay attention to. If it wasn’t their daunting wigs or beautiful outfits it was their cheeky remarks that made you not want to look away.

We were introduced to Johnny Hazzard as he walked through the auditorium pretty much naked with a platter of strawberries and a can of whipped cream. He proceeded to squirt his cream into audience members mouths and on one poor guys head before licking it off. Johnny made cameo appearances throughout the show with the penultimate being in a bubble bath.

Our three hosts for the night stole the show with their exceptional vocal abilities and humorous dance moves. I could not put a fault on any of them and you could tell they were enjoying themselves as much as the audience were. I have never been to a show where the performers had got themselves a standing ovation 20 minutes into the first act!

Throughout the show I didn’t know what to expect next as anything could have been on the table. We were shown a video where The Supreme Fabulettes saved the world from an evil drag queen and were also treated to the extraordinary talents of Sammy Dinneen as he wowed us with trick after trick.

If you are looking for a great night out, the Supreme Fabulettes are a piece of comedy gold.