Sweeney Todd


Where: Adelphi Theatre, London

How much:£19.00 – £94.00

How long: 2 hours 30minutes

Running until: 22nd September 2012


  • 3 different T shirts- £20 each
  • Libretto – £13
  • CD – £15
  • Souvenir Brochure – £3.50
  • Fridge magnet – £6
  • Mug – £6
  • Keyring – £6


  • Wine – £5.40
  • Beer – £4.50
  • Ice Cream – £3.50
  • Water – £2.50

Review performance date:
Wednesday 21st March 2012


Michaels balls looked amazballs and almost unrecognisable as Sweeney Todd, so much so that before the show transferred to the west end, in its former home of Chichester, fans of the balls could often be seen complaining after the show to staff, that they should have been told if Michael was not performing that night!Imelda Staunton stole the show with her hilarious portrayal of Mrs Lovett, maker of the self confessed worst pies in London.

For those of don’t know the story of Sweeney Todd, where have you been? The blockbuster film starring Johnny Depp gave this sondheim musical (frequently performed by opera companies) the lease of life it needed to be brought to life on a musical stage.

The demon barber of fleet street returns from hiding after escaping from prison. He had been sentenced to inprisonment by a judge who had taken a liking to his wife and wanted her for his own. Todd plans to reunite with his wife and daughter, only to be told his wife overdosed after he disappeared and his daughter is being held captive by the judge.

Sweeney Todd starts up his old barber shop business above Mrs lovetts pie shop and disguises himself with the new name. He waits until the judge finds his way into his barber chair so he can slit his throat and rescue his daughter.

Sweeney Todd gets restless waiting and starts killing anyone and everyone that dares to go to his shop for a shave. Always looking on the bright side, when Mrs Lovett finds out what he has been doing she quickly turns a tragedy into a triumph, disposing of the bodies by cutting them up and using the meat for pies to revive her dying business.

If you like blood and guts then you’ll love this show, but there is so much more to enjoy. The amazing set design, good songs and a of course Mr Balls. If none of these things interest you then I highly recommend you see the show for nothing more than Imelda Stauntons hilarious, and undoubtedly (soon to become) award winning performance.


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