Sweet Dreams: Songs by Annie Lennox

Sweet-Dreams-LandscapeA couple of years ago I saw a kooky young Australian man called Michael Griffiths perform ‘In Vogue – The Songs of Madonna’ at the St James Studio in London. Here was a man, convinced he actually was Madonna (well just for fun of course) and put on an amazing show. “This is how you put on a cabaret show” I said. And so, when flicking through the Edinburgh Fringe catalogue this year, I squealed with delight to see a new show has been born. This time though it’s not Madonna he is idolising, it’s Annie Lennox.

Michael Griffiths is charismatic and charming as a performer, making the audience feel welcome and like you are sitting in his living room with him. On a very windy day in Edinburgh he made the audience feel at ease in the tent which sounded like it might fall down at any moment (It didn’t). His Piano playing skills are second to none and he touches the keys with love and passion. On top of all this, Michael is an amazing singer – he really does have the full package.

It’s funny how you can go in to see a show and think you only know a couple of the songs and then coming out realising you actually knew most of them! This is what happened with me and Annie Lennox. ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’, ‘No More I Love You’s’, ‘Walking On Broken Glass’, ‘Why’ and of course ‘Sweet Dreams’ are just some of the songs most of us will remember. Mixed in with these are cleverly written anecdotes about Annie’s life and relationship with Dave Stewart.

The hour long show is captivating, warm, well written and exquisitely performed. With Madonna and Annie Lennox tribute shows already perfected, polished and memorised, I can’t wait to see who Michael embodies next!

Reviewed by West End Wilma

Sweet Dreams: Songs by Annie Lennox is playing until 31 August 2015 at the Edinburgh Fringe. Click here for more information and to book tickets