The Awkward Squad


Where: Arts Theatre, 6-7 Great Newport Street, WC2B 7JB

How much: £16.50-£31.00
How long: 2 hours
Running until: 7th April (then moves to York for final leg)
Merchandise: Small programme

Review performance date: Friday 16th March 2012

Nearest Tube station
Covent Garden

Nearest Rail station
Charing Cross

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Trying the find the words for this show are not easy.It was like watching Corrination Street for two hours (all the actors bar one come from TV soap backgrounds). Harmless, inoffensive, easy going, nothing amazing really. There are worse ways to spend a Friday night but there are definately better. This is the kind of show you could happily watch on Monday or Tuesday to help ease you into the week.

The story is set in Lorna’s living room, where her two daughters and grandaughter have come visit to attend the opening of the community centre which is being dedicated to Lorna for all her hard work she has done over the years around the miners strikes. Her daughters Pam and Sandy live very different lives. One is a BAFTA award winning film maker and the other a wife to a millionaire. Sandys daughter Sarah lives off of her fathers money and is planning a luxurious wedding where she will show off her brand new breasts!

Like many shows, we hear about their lives and how fabulous they are and then eventually come to find things aren’t actually what they seem and everyone ends up in a pile on the floor.

Throw in a few protests, a £100,000 car that get towed away and you’ve pretty much heard everything about the show. A mixture of Billy Elliot (minus the songs) and Calendar Girls, this show is funny at times and pleasant to watch.

The entire audience left in complete silence which goes to show there isn’t really a lot worth mentioning about this show.