The Bakewell Bake Off


Seven eager contestants, three feuding judges and one bewildered hostess, all come together in the small town of Bakewell for the annual bake off competition, in the hilarious new musical album, The Bakewell Bake Off.

The show was written by students of Guilford School of Acting (GSA) as a school project. The show was trialled at London’s Waterloo East Theatre before transferring to the Landor Theatre in Clapham for a full run, starring the students who wrote the show.

Hostess, Victoria Sponge, starts the show off with passion, singing “we bake tarts from our hearts” and “we’ll finish the day in the usual way with a cake and a nice cup of tea”.

Each contestant in The Bakewell Bake Off has a story to tell and a reason as to why they feel winning the competition could change their lives forever.

‘The Original Bakewell Tart’ is a raunchy waltz through one woman’s life of lost loves and the one man that she longs for.

‘I love Christmas’ is the sad story of a girl whose father left when she was a child and she now likes to believe that Santa is her real dad. She is baking her cake for the competition in the hope that he will see it and come back in to her life.

‘Henrietta’s Lieder’ is a German cross dressers tale of how she came to be the person she is and her desperate attempt to prove once and for all she is a woman “I’ve entered this contest to prove I can bake and show I have a feminine side”.

Indian Dr Pradeepta Smith sings ‘Let Me Fit In’ to show her desperation to be accepted as the British woman she is, despite the colour of her skin “there is more to me than chicken vindaloo” and “just because I’m Indian you can’t treat me like this”. A great up-tempo number with a great piano riff.

The Bakewell Bake Off is a story of love, romance, political acceptance and mostly cake. An album full of fresh, uptempo songs which are funny, saucy and brilliantly simply.

If the writers of The Bakewell Bake Off are the musical theatre writers and performers of tomorrow, then theatre has a great future ahead of it. So I’m going to sit back, have a cake and a nice cup of tea and see what great shows come up next!

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