The beauty of theatre

One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure (so the saying goes) and this applies to theatre as well. I was recently surprised to read a one star, scathing review of a show I had loved and awarded five stars to. And then the other night I found myself having a conversation with someone, raving about an amazing show they had seen (which I had only given one star). This got me thinking about just how subjective theatre can be and what one person loves, someone else will hate.

I always try to encourage people to go and see a show for themselves if they are interested in the subject, despite what I (or anyone else) may have said about it. Reviews are just one persons opinion and should be read in conjunction with several others to build up a true picture of what it might be like. I loved Viva Forever (the Spice Girls musical) earlier this year but seemed to be one of the only reviewers that did. However a lot of the public said they agreed with me.

I love reviewing theatre because of the conversations that come up out of it. Whether you think my review is right, or if you think you saw a completely different show to me (which a lot of people do say), all of our opinions are relevant.

It is a real shame that theatre critics still seem to be able to make or break a shows success based on what they write. In today’s world where we have so many general public reviews online (I consider myself one of those), I find it odd that some people will still be put off of seeing a show because of what they read.

If you are interested in a show, I encourage you to read a selection of different reviews but also go and see it for yourself. Your opinion is the only one that matters and I for one will never be swayed in my views and will always give my honest opinion. Whether that matches what you may think is unknown but isn’t it fascinating that we all see and hear different things? Surely that is the beauty of theatre. Not what one person writes.