The Candidate – Theatre Delicatessen

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA With election fever sweeping the nation, The Lab Collective have chosen to introduce us to The Candidate. But which candidate will you get? Well that depends on how you vote of course.

Participate in this unique polling session as you question the candidate on his policies, thoughts and ideals in under an hour. We watch him squirm, smarm and charm under our questions, saying everything and nothing. Is he mimicking real politicians or is he just performing for us normal people?

The audience stand under five different shapes, randomly – we don’t know what they mean. People speculate. Is the hexagon the Green Party? Will we be judged if we stand under the triangle?

As the questions start, we realise that we can mould the candidate. Omar can be changed based on how we vote. 60% of us decide family values are not important to us so Omar reveals that he is single with no children. Public services become our priority, so thus it becomes his.

His spin doctor Matt attempts to tell him what to do and how to act, but will he be swayed? And is Matt all that he claims to be? Who’s really in charge? Everyone’s a spin bitch. Can any of us trust our candidate? Who will win the election this year?

Everything and nothing. That’s what we learn. It’s short, it doesn’t teach us anything. It’s funny, but that’s because it’s so accurate. Politics is a game.

But it’s our game. And we are all playing it.

Reviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes