The Confession Room

Some amazing West End performers have come together to record a new musical concept album The Confession Room, including Anna Jane Casey (who sings one of the most fun songs ‘Happy Go Lucky’), Alex Gaumond, Dean Chisnall and Ross Hunter. The vocals can’t be faulted and the songs fit perfectly with the voices chosen.

Sadly, the story seems basic, with no real substance to it. It doesn’t seem to go anywhere and is just a lot of people making confessions to each other. When you read the story that is printed in the CD booklet you can see the loose story line clearer but it still didn’t excite me.

There is a fine line between funny and immature and sadly I feel The Confession Room may have gone one step to far with this recording. Songs about men who like aged 70+ women, are original and different but go slightly too far with lines like ‘their wrinkly skin against my thighs, the glaucoma in their eyes’ and could be seen as offensive. Other songs about bodily functions come across as childish and again go one step too far by referencing ‘following through’ (a phrase I had to google).

There are some catchy songs on The Confession Room but unfortunately I found it rather hard to listen to. You might love it however, so give it a listen and let me know what you think!