The Faulty Towers Dining Experience (Amba Hotel)

FaultyTowersThe 1975 BBC TV sitcom of Fawlty Towers may have only produced twelve episodes (over two series) but forty years later it is still regarded as one of the most loved british sitcoms of all time. Interactive Theatre have a worldwide interactive tribute to this wonderful show, staged at weekends are the London Charing Cross Amba Hotel. Guests are invited to dine in the Fawlty Towers dining room for a 1970’s three course meal, served by none other than Basil, Sybil and Manuel.

Sat at tables of ten, you are able to chat to fans of the show from around the world. Tourists, families celebrating birthdays and even wedding anniversaries, this show attracts people of all ages, showing how timeless Fawlty Towers has become.

The food is, as expected, plain and very of its time. Soup to start (I’m unsure exactly which vegetable it was but it was very inoffensive to anyones palette). The starter was followed by Roast Chicken, mash and vegetables and a cake for desert. At around £50 per person, you are definitely paying for the ‘experience’ rather than the food and big eaters may leave a little hungry (thankfully there is a McDonalds next door) however it is well worth the money for the entertainment that you receive. Escaped rats, false teeth in peoples soup, a drunk Chef who has locked himself in the kitchen and more hilarious sketches (some you will be familiar with and some you won’t) there is something here for everyone.

The only disappointing this about this wonderful experience is that the fourth character from the TV show, Polly, is missing and never even mentioned. However for fans of the TV show this is a great night out with entertainment for everyone.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

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